Company attends  West & East Coast Conference. All 
   indications show promise for the upcoming year.

   Earning exceed expectations and investors are  
   eager. The Board of Directors announced today that 
   sales have exceeded projections by 20%  for the 
   past two months of operations.

   Company attends US & Africa Conference. All 
   indications show promise for the upcoming year.

KK. American Investment Corp. (KKAICorp) provides financial planning and investment advisory services. KKAICorp offers advice on money matters including : 

KKAICorp. manages most types of investment accounts for private investors, including trust and retirement accounts.

KKAICorp is headquartered in Nevada, Massachusetts, USA, with additional offices in Cambodia & Vietnam (Asia), Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia & Kenya (West Africa & South Africa).The company operates as a subsidiary Development Construction, Real Estate,Trade, Import / Export  Investment.

Our company has been working hard for your business for the last over 13 years. 

In that time, we've kept the same promises to our clientele: top quality 
products, and the very best customer service in the business. 

Our Due Diligence procedures to all participants upon whom the success of a project depends, such as Co-Investors, Joint Venture Partners. 

We offer investment management services to affluent and high net worth investors across the United States and Worldwide.

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 Trade, Import / Export, Development Construction, Real Estate and Investment.
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